Diet and Depression

The diet plays an important role in the depression. There are some factors which causes the depression. The diet and nutrition can have a strong power on your depression. What is the relationship between the diet and depression? The brain is the central factor in the development of depression. There are many exogenous and endogenous factors that can cause depression. The functioning of the brain is disturbed which causes the depression. The deficiency of Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Biotin, Pantothenic acid, Folic acid, Vitamin C causes the depression. The certain foods improve neuro transmitter stages and can useful to fight with depression. The self confidence is very important factor which can give great attitude towords the problems of depression. The diet-related conditions such as obesity and anorexia can be responsible for causing depression. The stimulants which increase anxiety should be avoided. Some times High-protein diets can also cause vitamin and carbohydrate deficiencies. There are a number of dietary factors that can help with depression.

How the diet is useful treatment in depression? The human beings need a healthy, balanced diet to give sufficient quantity of B-complex vitamins, amino acids and minerals to assurance a healthy nervous system. The depression can be controlled by using some yourself techniques such as do exercise, read your favourite books, watch tv programs. Now a day there are some advanced therapies also used for the depressuon managament. Some doctor will give you advice about natural treatment such as nutrition, herbal and mind-body therapies.

Magnesium deficiency causes anxiety. Eating a high carbohydrate diet boosts the production of serotonin in the brain which makes you feel more positive.

The sugar and caffeine give you a quick lift.

The diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids such as found in seafood, can be good for postpartum depresson

The B vitamins such as B12, B6 and folic acid, can help combat psychological disturbances.

To maintain constant blood sugar levels. The diet rich in carbohydrates is thought to lead to a brighter disposition, as it increases levels of seratonin in the brain. The appropriate vitamins, amino acids, herbal extracts and enzymes will reduce the depression. To do proper diet which can improve weight problems.

What are the dietary reasons of depression?

Deficiencies of vitamins


Nutrient deficiencies

Unstable high-energy molecules in your body

Unbalanced slimming diets

The air that you breath is polluted.