Femalefil Review

Femalefil Review: Female Libido Drug From an Anonymous Manufacturer

Brand: Femalefil

Active Ingredient: Tadalafil

Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction

Manufacturer: Unknown

Country of Manufacture: Unknown

Femalefil Package Image

Review and Description

Femalefil is a sexual drug formulated to increase the female libido and sex drive. I didn’t know such a drug existed either as most drugs that are marketed target male erectile dysfunction. It contains Tadalafil as the active ingredient. Tadalafil is found in the erectile dysfunction drug Cialis. It has been proven to result in arousal and increases the level of testosterone in the blood. It makes it easier for the woman taking the drug to become aroused when she is stimulated by her partner. Tadalafil is a drug that inhibits the PDE-5 enzyme so blood flow is increased to the genital areas.

The drug is manufactured in India and is a generic drug. Its manufacturer though is unknown. It could be manufactured by a variety of manufacturers or it could just be that no one wants to accept responsibility for the distribution of the drug may be underground. Despite this, it seems popular as you can find information about it on several web pages and web searches yield results.

Customer Reviews

There are no customer reviews for the product. It could be that few females actually know about female sexual dysfunction (FSD) and attribute their low libido to hormonal changes or even menopause. The drug, though it yields several search results could be fairly unpopular. Furthermore, persons are probably reluctant to buy it because they are uncertain of who the manufacturer is. If you are going to buy a product you would obviously need to know who you have to sue if it affects your health. If the manufacturer is unknown then there is no one for you to sue. Also, most Tadalafil brands have warning labels to advise women and children not to use the drug so maybe persons are skeptical to purchase such a drug and hence the lack of reviews for it.

Pricing and Dosage

All Day Pills seems to carry Femalefil 10-mg pills. They are sold in 10s, 20s, 40s, 100 and 200 pack sizes. The price ranges from $15 for a 10 pack to $180 for a 200 pack.

Femalefil comes in doses of 5mg and 10mg. Cialis usually comes in 20mg as well but we didn’t find any evidence of the existence of a 20mg. It is not a drug to be used daily but rather 30 minutes before sexual activity. You should not exceed 20mg in a 24-hour period.

How to Buy Femalefil Online

How to Buy Femalefil Online

At our recommended pharmacies, Femalefil is not available but since it contains Tadalafil, you could consider trying a similar drug that is available for purchase at one of the pharmacies below. You can click any of the links if you are interested in purchasing Cialis.

This drug is available in 20mg, 10mg, 5mg and even 2.5mg. The minimum order of pills though is 30. 30 2.5mg pills cost $41.50, 30 5mg pills cost $33.82, 30 10mg pills cost $35.11 and 30 20mg pills cost $35.38. It seems more beneficial to buy the 20mg pills and invest in a tablet splitter. You also have to pay a minimum shipping fee of $9.95 when you order this drug.



How to Use

If you are anticipating intimacy, you should take the drug thirty minutes before. Some persons may need to take the drug long before. You can take up to a 20mg dose but generally, the recommended dose starts at 10mg. If you feel that you need less take 5mg for the next time you use the drug. If you feel it didn’t work, you can try a 20mg dose the next time you take the drug. Do not take the drug more than needed.

The medication is generally safe but you should not take it without consulting your doctor. Your doctor may have to analyze your hormone level before giving you this drug. Also, certain medications, medical conditions, and lifestyle choices may be incompatible with the drug. If you have a known allergy to Tadalafil or any of the other ingredients contained in this drug.

Side Effects

There are several advantages to using the drug, but you should be aware of the side effects. Observed effects include back pain, stomach discomfort, flushing, muscle pain and frequent belching. You may also be congested or have a headache. Some persons may experience hot flashes. These symptoms are normal so do not panic as they usually go away within a few hours. If you have any chest pains after taking this drug, you may need to seek medical attention.

Conclusion with Rating

Femalefil is a version of the ingredient Tadalafil that is used to treat sexual dysfunction. It is well known as Cialis when it is given to men, but in this instance, it is called Femalefil. The drug does not seem popular and this is made evident by its lack of reviews. Also, the manufacturer is unknown. Maybe, if the manufacturer reveals itself and markets Female Sexual Dysfunction product especially to women experiencing the symptoms of menopause, the drug may become more popular.

Femalelfil received a rating of 1. The drug is unknown except for what could be found on the internet and there should be more scientific information about how it works. It appears as if no one has used it. Further, I would not be confident enough to purchase a drug whose manufacturer I do not know. Do not take any Tadalafil products without consulting your doctor as Tadalafil has long been marketed as a product that should only be used by males.