Good Pills Review: One Of the Few Networks of Online Drugstores That is Worth Trying

Good Pills is a group of affiliated online pharmacies that started 17years ago. They claim to be a pioneer in the online pharmacy business. Since they started in 2001, Good Pills claims that they have been serving quality medicines only from reputed drug manufacturers around the world.

The focus of Good Pills is providing good customer service. This network of internet drugstores believes that in order to succeed as a business, they should win their customers’ trust first. They did so by giving their customers the things they need – quality medications at a very affordable rate. All orders can be processed at any Good Pills website as its entire e-stores offer the same list of medicines at the same prices.

To date, the entire network of Good Pills has already served more than a million customers and they are confident that these are happy and satisfied customers.

Good Pills Reviews

Making every customer a satisfied customer is the main goal of Good Pills. After checking the internet for their customer testimonials, we are not surprised to see tons of positive reviews for this website. Indeed, they invested in ensuring that all of their customers are happy by providing quality products and having an efficient support team on standby. Some of the specific customer reviews we found are as follows:

Good Pills Customer Feedback Good Pills Customer Report

We found picked four customer reviews from the pool of positive reviews that Good Pills has. The customers who shared their reviews are from the different parts of the world such as the US, the UK, and France.

From France, we have Alex and Mark who both shared how speedy the delivery service is of Good Pills. Alex said that his order arrived ahead of expected time. He was even kept in a loop by the support team regarding the status of his order until it was delivered. As for Mark, he only waited for 10 days for his order to arrive and was happy that the customs didn’t interfere with his order.

Simona from the US said that her experience with Good Pills was great as her order was delivered on time. Kaiman from the UK added that his order was processed promptly and that he liked the website so much because it is too easy to use.

These customer testimonials shared by Alex, Mark, Simona, and Kaiman only says one thing about Cheap Pills, this chain of e-stores is worth checking out.

Good Pills Online

The e-stores of Good Pills network offers medicines that are FDA approved. What we liked about this website is the information they provide for each medicine they sell. Among the useful information that you can find are:

  • Common use of the medicine being offered
  • The dosage and direction of the medicine being offered
  • The precautions to take on the medicine being offered
  • The contraindications to consider on the medicine being offered
  • The possible side effects of the medicine being offered
  • The drug interactions that you must be aware of
  • What to do in case you missed a dose of the medicine being offered
  • What to do in case of overdosage
  • How to properly store the medicine being offered

Good Pills Homepage

There are more than 30 categories of medicines being offered by Good Pills in their e-stores. These are a combination of branded and generic medicines. They also offer over the counter and prescription medicines. For Rx drugs, they dispense drugs even without a prescription.

For payment, Good Pills accept major credit cards like Visa and MasterCard. Once the payment is approved by your bank, your order will be packed and sent to your delivery address. Delivery usually takes 8 to 21 days, depending on the method of delivery you use. Delivery options can be Airmail Shipping and EMS Courier. Airmail shipping is cheaper by $10 as compared to EMS Courier that costs $19.95.

Before processing an order, read the policies of Good Pills first to prevent any possible issues in the future. Take note that if they missed delivering your order because you provided an incorrect or invalid address, reshipping of your order won’t be free. If the error is within the courier’s side or the warehouse side, then reshipping of your order will be free.

Good Pills Coupon Codes

For the benefits of online customers, online stores are always releasing coupon codes that they can use to save more from their online shopping. This is no different when it comes to online pharmacies. Most online drugstores are using coupon codes to win new customers. They also use it to keep old customers. In the case of Good Pills, they have not released coupon codes yet but they continued to provide benefits to their customers such as free pills and free shipping (if requirements are met).

Good Pills Benefits

Good Pills Phone Numbers

Good Pills has two ways of keeping in touch with their customers. This group of online drugstores understands the importance of being available to their customers hence they established ways to be contacted by their customers.

Good Pills Contact Information

Good Pills can be reached via 4420-3239-7092 and 718-487-3792. They can be reached via their ‘contact us’ page too.

Good Pills Spam and Phone Calls

Good Pills is not practicing spamming. They do not send uninvited emails nor making uninvited calls to market Good Pills and its affiliated network. According to Good Pills, their website has a design that keeps it from saving customer emails and phone numbers. This is their way of respecting their customers’ privacy.


Good Pills is a network of affiliate dispensaries that offer generic and branded medicines from reputable pharmaceutical companies. Good Pills provide quality medications to their customers in an effort to keep them satisfied and happy. According to Good Pills, they believe that their success will rely on their customers’ satisfaction with their product and services.