Pharmacy Mall Review – Beneficial Web Drugstore Network That Has Helped A Million Customers Since Its Inception

Pharmacy Mall, as not many of you know, is an example of an online drugstore network. Yes, it is an online pharmacy, but it is actually made up of several websites that look the same but have different domain names. A network like Pharmacy Mall always has template-looking online drugstores—shops under one online drugstore network have the same appearance but they always take on different web addresses.

Pharmacy Mall Network Website – Herbals Page
Pharmacy Mall Network Website – Herbals Page

Network drugstores have different web addresses so a lot of customers can browse the websites at the same time without overloading the servers. However, although network drugstores have different web addresses, orders gathered by network websites are then forwarded to a single order-processing unit. This means that regardless of the website used by the customers, the orders will be processed by one main website.

Pharmacy Mall Reviews

Buyers of the Pharmacy Mall network stores are usually pleased with the service of the network sites. Customers have posted their reviews of the stores conspicuously online, for the world to see. Here are some of the example reviews for Pharmacy Mall stores:

Pharmacy Mall Reviews
Pharmacy Mall Reviews

Service-wise, shops belonging to the Pharmacy Mall network seemed to have perfected excellent customer support. Buyers with experience purchasing their medicines from Pharmacy Mall shops all have good things to say about the stores, like a buyer who mentioned that Pharmacy Mall was easy to place an order on. This customer also mentioned that his order was promptly processed by the website.

Another commenter mentioned that he’s had a “great experience” with one Pharmacy Mall shop. Although he did not elaborate on why it seems that the Pharmacy Mall shop he used was of great help in finding cheap medicines for his medical condition.

The last buyer comment you can see in the image above mentioned experiencing “excellent service” from the store. According to him, the Pharmacy Mall shop dealt with his inquiry “very efficiently”. Apart from this, he also mentioned that the Pharmacy Mall store had excellent prices for the medicines he needed and therefore gave him “great value for money”.

Pharmacy Mall Online

If you’d visit every store connected with the Pharmacy Mall online network, you’ll be able to see that each and every one of the sites looks the same. Like we’ve mentioned in the early section of this article, all of the drugstores belonging to a specific online drugstore network have a unified content, but each of them has a distinct domain name.

In the case of Pharmacy Mall, this network takes on an unassuming template. Each Pharmacy Mall website is plain but easy to use—customers can easily spot the medicines they need at the store given the store’s compendium of available medicines on its left corner. Buyers can search for the medicines they need from Pharmacy Mall stores using their search function, but they can locate the medicines they need by searching the medical condition they need the medicines for. You can find almost any drug on Pharmacy Mall stores except for steroids and other controlled substances (like narcotics or benzodiazepines). Popular medicines on Pharmacy Mall were plastered on the main page, making them easy to search by the regular customers.

According to Pharmacy Mall, all of its products are approved by the Food and Drug Administration—the US FDA approves the brand name medicines while the local FDA (like FDA India and others) approves the generic medicines.

Buyers without prescriptions can order freely from any Pharmacy Mall since the network allows for no Rx purchases. However, any patient would know that they’d better consult their doctor before switching to another drug brand or using a drug they’ve never used before.

Payments on Pharmacy Mall are easy as the network accepts the common VISA and MasterCard credit cards. Since the stores are SSL secure, customers need not worry about their security on any Pharmacy Mall network website.

Pharmacy Mall Coupon Codes

Buyers are not only interested in Pharmacy Mall stores because of their cheap prices for the meds; the buyers also prefer using Pharmacy Mall stores due to their extra deals. Here are some of the client deals available for buyers of Pharmacy Mall shops:

  • Coupon codes – Buyers are entitled to seasonal coupon codes from Pharmacy Mall stores. These codes are seasonal because they are not available all-year round and may only surface during special occasions or holidays.
  • Free shipping – Some buyers with orders exceeding the $200 mark are also entitled to a waived shipping fee.
  • Free pills – All orders on Pharmacy Mall shops are entitled to freebie pills from the network stores. However, buyers with more orders are entitled to more free pills.
  • Bulk order discounts – Consumers with larger orders are given extra discounts for their items. Although the initial prices for the products are already low, customers with larger orders are given more discounts by the online drugstores.
  • Special discounts – Buyers with larger orders are entitled to special discounts from Pharmacy Mall.

Pharmacy Mall Phone Numbers

Consumers can reach out to Pharmacy Mall support team using its numbers (posted on every Pharmacy Mall shop), but clients can also use the following numbers to get ahold of the Pharmacy Mall support:

  • +4420 3239 7092
  • +1 718 487 9792

Pharmacy Mall Spam and Phone Calls

We checked the online records to see if Pharmacy Mall stores were involved with spam calling or spam emailing the consumers. To our relief, reports of scam activities related to Pharmacy Mall are non-existent.


Pharmacy Mall is a beneficial web drugstore network that has helped a million customers since its inception. Because of this network’s remarkable service and products, we deem it deserving of a high score of 5 out of 5.

Even if there are only benefits to using online drugstores involved in network drugstores, buyers are also exposed to some kind of risk whenever transacting with them. Although network drugstores like Pharmacy Mall are harmless, some illegal operators have learned to replicate network websites so they can pose as members of the network drugstores and scam consumers.