Securetabs Reviews: The Online Dispensary to Rely On

Securetabs is known for delivering high-quality generic medicines around the globe. It is their goal to reach as many customers as possible. Securetabs is a cluster of internet drugstores with one goal – to be the best chain of drugstores worldwide in terms of product quality, customer service quality, and pricing.

Securetabs started its journey as a drugstore in 1997. It is a Canadian company that serves people with low-priced medicine. Knowing how other countries are pricing their medicines, Securetabs wanted to reach as much customer as possible. To do this, they started an online pharmacy. After 17 years, the online pharmacy that Securetabs started has grown and become a network of e-stores that we knew today. For now, here are the things that Securetabs offer:

  • Reliable generic and branded medicines, over the counter and Rx medicines
  • Low-priced drugs that are offered internationally
  • Accessible prescription medicines that are distributed without needing a prescription
  • Dependable medicines from reliable pharmaceutical companies
  • Customer information confidentiality and privacy at its best
  • Helpful information provided for customers who did not seek medical help prior to ordering such as how to use the drug they bought, how to store it, side effects to expect, among others

All in all, Securetabs has been operating as a medical store for more than 20 years. They have been operating as an e-store for the last 17 years. For these years of experience they have, it is undeniable that this bunch of online pharmacies is one of the best.

Securetabs Reviews

Gathering a hundred percent positive feedback from their customers is one of the goals of Securetabs. As an online business, Securetabs understands the importance of positive feedbacks. As a store, it also knew how these reviews can affect their reputation and their sales in the long run.

A few clicks on the internet allowed us to view some of the customer reviews that Securetabs has. Here are some of them and here’s what their customers have to say.

Customer Reviews for Securetabs

  • Securetabs deliver on time and customers don’t have to wait long
  • Securetabs make sure that packages are delivered in the best condition
  • Securetabs offer cheap medicines without sacrificing its quality or the packaging
  • Securetabs offer free pills on every order and it makes customers happy
  • The website of Securetabs is easy to use and follow
  • Securetabs customers don’t have to worry about delayed deliveries

Securetabs serve customers from all over the world. However, on their customer reviews, they spoke a common language and that is satisfaction towards Securetabs products and services.

Securetabs Online

Securetabs Page

Ordering from Securetabs is easy if you have a credit card. A credit card is the only mode of payment that the e-stores of Securetabs accept. When it comes to delivery method, they offer two delivery options – EMS and Airmail delivery. EMS delivery takes up to 8 days while Airmail takes up to 21 days for orders to get delivered. EMS costs $10 more than Airmail Shipping. Airmail Shipping costs $9.95. Orders can be delivered to Po Box addresses as long the local courier in your area do so.

For their bestsellers, the most popular ones are generic Viagra for $0.27 per tablet. Generic Cialis for $0.68 per tablet and Amoxil for $0.39 per tablet.

For a branded medicine, they only offer branded Viagra for $2.56 per tablet.

All generic medicines offered by Securetabs are Food and Drug Administration approved. All e-stores Securetabs are MIPA and CIPA licensed as well.

Securetabs Coupon Codes

We love coupon codes, especially when ordering online because it means additional discount. For Securetabs customers, aside from cheap medicines, you can enjoy additional saving if you will use IT-4752. This coupon code will give you an instant 10% discount.

Securetabs Coupon Code

To use IT-4752, type it in the box provided on the checkout page. Once typed in, click on apply and wait for your 10% discount to be taken off your total bill. If the code is a success, you will see your new total bill. You can proceed then to pay it with your credit card.

Securetabs Phone Numbers

If you are into comparing online pharmacies, then you would have noticed that most of them do not have a phone support. Securetabs wants to change this and beat these online stores hence for their chain of e-stores, they want their customers to feel their support. If you are a Securetabs customer or you are planning to be one but you have questions first, it can be addressed by dialing 1 718 487 9792 or 4420 3239 7092.

Securetabs Contact Information

Just like any other online drugstores that you can find on the Web, Securetabs also has a ‘contact us’ page that you can also use to contact them if you don’t have the means to call their support team.

Securetabs Spam and Phone Calls

If you are afraid that your information will be compromised once you use it in ordering online, with Securetabs, this is not an issue. Securetabs assure their customers that they do not send spam emails and make spam calls, as these are not part of their marketing strategies. Securetabs don’t send spam emails to market their products. In fact, they encourage their customers to report to them in case they receive emails or calls that says it is from Securetabs network.


For years, Securetabs has become a household name for people who are into online shopping. They have been offering generic medicines from their trusted pharmaceutical companies in India. They have made sure that their website is easy to use and that their partners in the delivery field are reliable. For this reason, we are giving Securetabs a rating of 5-stars.