Sudden Ear Ringing

Tinnitus or ringing of the ears is a condition that affects millions of people throughout the world. It is not a new complaint and has been around for generations. The symptoms of Tinnitus are when a person hears a consistent ringing in either one or both years. The frequency of the sudden ear ringing noise varies from a low pitch hum to a high pitch squeal. At some point or other most people will have been aware of the ringing sound in their ears. The condition is usually short-term and the majority of sufferers do not need to seek medical attention. They quickly forget about the problem without realising that they have probably had a Tinnitus complaint.

It can be possible for people to experience a sudden ringing from within the ears. They may also experience sudden ear pressure, ear ache and temporary deafness. It is not always obvious as to the cause of the sudden ringing as there are a number of diverse explanations as to why this sudden onset of ear ringing may have occurred. For the majority of people the ringing sensation is not permanent and may only persist for a very short time, perhaps minutes or even a day or two. Build Up Of Ear Wax One of the common causes of short-term Tinnitus is due to excessive deposits of wax within the ear canal. Many people make the problem worse as they cannot resist the temptation to poke around in their ears and try and clean out the excess wax. Medical practitioners advise that you should never probe around in your ears with any form of object, such as a match or cotton bud. For a potential short-term solution it is possible to purchase a washing solution that can be helpful in cleaning out the ear canal in a safe manner.

Medications and Prescriptions

Should you find that the sudden ear ringing continues after using an ear wash, there could be a potential that you are suffering from an ear infection. This is the time when you should seek further medical advice and you may be prescribed with a drug treatment to try and clear up the infection, if the doctor thinks that an infection may be the cause of the sudden ringing in your ears. Regrettably, it is thought that a number of prescribed medications can lead to side effects which may include ear ringing. Many sufferers find that when they reduce the dosage of the drug, the ear ringing will reduce. You should always consult your doctor or the pharmacy if you believe that any prescribed drug is giving ear ringing side effects. If you are concerned about taking over-the-counter or prescribed medications you may wish to consider some of the recognised alternative treatments for ear ringing.

Blows To The Head

Another typical cause of sudden ear ringing is due to significant incidents, such as an automobile crash or if you have received a sudden blow to the head close to one or both of your ears. An onset of ear ringing is often a side-effect of receiving a head injury.

Dental Treatment

A recent visit to the dentist’s could be another cause of sudden ear ringing. Some dental procedures, for instance, a complicated extraction of a tooth or ultrasonic cleaning may trigger harm to the hearing stemming from transfer of sounds from bones in your jaw to your ears. Regrettably there is certainly little you are able to do to safeguard your hearing during these dental procedures.

Loud Bangs!!! Exposure to loud noises which are either sudden, such as an explosion, or relatively prolonged, such as attendance at a rock concert may leave you with ringing in the ears. Machinery, either in the workplace, or when you have to attend certain medical examinations, such as an MRI or CAT scan can also bring about short-term ear ringing. In these situations it is recommended that you use ear protection such as earplugs. For noisy medical examinations the practitioner should always provide ear protection for you. Under health and safety laws, your employer has a duty to ensure that you are not over exposed to loud noises and should always provide appropriate ear protection.

It is usually the obvious explanation that will be the cause of your sudden ear ringing. The good news is that for the majority of people, the ringing in your ears complaint will clear up relatively quickly and will not require further medical examination or lead to permanent damage.