Tadacip Review

Tadacip Review: Buyers Love This Affordable yet Effective Drug

Brand: Tadacip

Active Ingredient: Tadalafil

Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction

Manufacturer: Cipla

Country of Manufacture: India

Tadacip Package Image

Review and Description

Tadacip is a generic Cialis alternative known for being one of the consumer favorites when it comes to impotence treatment. This drug is famed for its cheap price and its similar effect to the iconic drug Cialis from Eli Lilly. Tadacip is from the company Cipla from India, one of the most impressive generic companies in the country.

Like its brand name predecessor, Cialis, the drug Tadacip also contains the same active content, Tadalafil which is a crucial drug for the symptom mitigation for the medical condition erectile dysfunction in patients. Tadalafil found in Tadacip and in Cialis works by increasing the blood flow to the penis tissues, allowing the spongy tissues to engorge in blood and further a proper erectile response in patients in the presence of sexual stimuli. Since Tadalafil inhibits a certain phosphodiesterase 5 (PDE5) enzyme not only found in the penis tissues, the drug Tadalafil is also used in treating other medical conditions where the PDE5 enzyme is relevant to, such as PAH (pulmonary arterial hypertension).

Cipla, the manufacturer of this drug Tadacip is one of the largest local companies in India. Cipla employs 23,000+ people and has a drug portfolio of over 1,500 products. Apart from being a gigantic company with a lot of products to sell, Cipla is also one of the few companies in India accredited by renowned drug agencies such as the US FDA, the UK MHRA, Australia TGA, Europe EMA, WHO, and a long rundown of others.

Customer Reviews

Tadacip, being one of the top generic brands for Tadalafil, has obtained reviews from satisfied consumers during the past few years. Here are some review samples for this drug available on All Day Chemist, one web drugstore:

Charles Hale who posted his review for Tadacip on May 2017 said that hes had good results using the drug, albeit the product did not really last as long as 36 hours

Charles Hale who posted his review for Tadacip on May 2017 said that he’s had “good results” using the drug, albeit the product did not really last as long as 36 hours. Based on his actual experience with the drug, Tadacip lasted for 24 hours.

As for Bradford Miller, who posted March 2016, he has been using the Tadacip drug for over a year and since then, he’s had a better sexual response. He rated Tadacip 5 out of 5.

Another “Charles” client also gave his 5/5 star review for the store on March 2017 and stated that he’s recommended Tadacip to his friend and the friend had his erectile function greatly improved.

Based on the existing comment pool for Tadacip, the drug seems to be well-received by the consumers and has a good overall effect for patients with erectile dysfunction.

Pricing and Dosage

The product Tadacip is available at great prices—its 20 mg variant may be bought for as low as $1.48 at one of the famous web drugstores (refer to the image below). Compared to the actual market price for the brand Cialis, Tadacip’s price is definitely much cheaper.

Tadacip is Created by Cipla only 10 mg and 20 mg orthodox hard tablet form

Tadacip is Created by Cipla only 10 mg and 20 mg orthodox hard tablet form. There is no data about this drug’s other dosage formulations, so you can’t expect an unconventional formula from Tadacip. Tadacip may be taken daily (5 mg) or on-demand only (10 mg to 20 mg).

How to Buy Tadacip Online

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How to Use

Tadacip is taken similarly to Cialis. You can take 20 mg Tadacip only when needed and only when prescribed by your doctor. The drug can be taken with or without food and preferably 1-2 hours before your intended sexual activity. Tadacip can last 24-36 hours, so you can take the drug hours in advance.

There are certain medications which are incompatible with the drug Tadalafil in Tadacip so you should consult your doctors about your existing medications. Usually, drugs notorious for interacting harmfully with Tadalafil include nitrate medications and blood pressure lowering medicines. Also, if you have other diseases, let your doctor know before taking Tadacip so he can give you the best dose for this Tadalafil drug, a dose which could not interfere with your other medical considerations.

Side Effects

Tadacip can cause several side effects in the patients so symptoms related to the use of Tadacip may as well be expected. You can experience dizzy spells, nausea, flushing, headaches, back pain, malaise, and stuffy nose. However, not all of these symptoms will surface at once and in most cases, patients will be asymptomatic of these side effects. Should they appear or inconvenience you, let your physician know.

Conclusion with Rating

Generic drugs like Tadacip are competing head to head with the brand name Cialis in the market. This Cipla creation is slowly but surely gaining traction in the market due to its effectiveness and its affordable price. Reviews are a proof of this drug’s popularity with the clients and it seems that the consumers are all pleased with the result of their Tadacip use. Overall, this generic drug may be given a pleasant score of 4 out of 5.