Zimagra Review

Zimagra Review: A Very Cheap Drug with Limited Distribution

Brand: Zimagra

Active Ingredient: Sildenafil Citrate

Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction

Manufacturer: Zim Laboratories Limited

Country of Manufacture: India

Zimagra Package Image

Review and Description

Zimagra is a Sildenafil drug that is used just like Viagra to treat erectile dysfunction in men. The drug is a generic that is produced by Zim Laboratories in India. It is a PDE-5 (phosphodiesterase) inhibitor that stops the PDE-5 enzyme from working too quickly in the penis to prevent an erection. Once the drug is taken and the male’s penis is stimulated, he can expect to have an erection as blood flow to the penis is increased.

Zim Laboratories is a company headquartered in India that was established in 1983. The manufacturer is certified by the World Health Organization’s Good Health Practice and they are accredited by ISO 9001:2008. They are not only involved in manufacturing but distribution, marketing and the research and development of pharmaceuticals. Their drugs are made in different forms; tablets and syrups and they have about 500 persons on their payroll. In their erectile dysfunction line, Sildenafil and Dapoxetine HCI are offered.

Customer Reviews

Zimagra itself had no reviews. Usually, people review Sildenafil drugs when they purchase it online. It could very well be that the drug did as was expected and persons saw no reason to review the drug. You should exercise caution when buying products, especially if there are no reviews to solidify its existence, legitimacy or its claims.

Zim Laboratories, however, had nine reviews on Google, scoring a total of 3.9 stars. I usually prefer manufacturers with 4 stars or more but 3.9 stars are pretty close enough. Zim Laboratories has a website, with contact information and a lot of other related information about their corporate history. They also have a good web presence.

Pricing and Dosage

The price shown below is for Zimagra 50mg Orally disintegrating strips. The box comes with 10 in it and costs about 3 rupees for one or $0.05USD. This is a really could price for the drug but to order it, you will require a prescription.

The recommended dose of this oral tablet is 50mg when need about 1 hour before planned sexual activity

The recommended dose of this oral tablet is 50mg when need about 1 hour before planned sexual activity.

How to Buy Zimagra Online

Zimagra seems not available for sale outside of the Indian market it seems by any reputable online pharmacy. That’s quite a shame because the drug is really cheap compared to other generics or even the branded version. Fildena is a great Sildenafil generic that you can use as a substitute. Links for the product are shown below.

https://pharmacymall.net/categories/Erectile-Dysfunction/Fildena?synonym=Fildena http://www.canadapharmacy24h.com/catalog/Erectile_Dysfunction/Fildena.htm

To obtain the 50mg, you would either have to purchase 30, 60, 90, 120. 180 or 270 pills. Prices range from $1.55 per pill for 30 pills or less to $0.78 per pill when you order 270 pills. In addition to this, you would be expected to pay a shipping fee of $9.95 or $19.95 if you want your package “expressed.”

How to Use

Special precautions should be taken when planning to use Zimagra especially if you drink alcohol, are pregnant, drive, have kidney, liver or heart disease and if you take drugs containing nitrates.

You should only take this medication in the dosage advised by your doctor. If you believe your dose needs to be adjusted, consult with your doctor first. Ensure that your hands are dry before touching the strip. The tablet should not be swallowed but placed in your mouth where it would disintegrate. You can take the drug with or without food only when it is needed between 1 to 4 hours before intercourse. If you feel as though you have overdosed on Zimagra, you should go to the nearest emergency room.

Side Effects

Most persons experience minor side effects when taking Zimagra. Minor side effects include diarrhea, headaches, belly pains, heartburn, nausea, muscle pain, nosebleeds and insomnia. These are just some minor side effects. Serious side effects include hypotension, hearing and vision loss and pediatric mortality. Certain medical conditions and drugs may increase your risk of developing side effects. Do not take Zimagra with other erectile dysfunction drugs. The drug should only be taken by adult males unless otherwise instructed by your doctor for the treatment of pulmonary hypertension.

Conclusion with Rating

Zimagra is a generic drug that is used to treat erectile dysfunction and in some instances pulmonary hypertension. It contains Sildenafil and may come in tablet form or administered by syringe. The drug has no reviews but it has similar ingredients and side effects as Viagra. Zimagra has possibly not grown popularity and the Indian market is known mostly for its generic manufacturer. Zim Laboratories has a lot of catching up to do.

Zim Laboratories has fairly good reviews. They seem reputable enough and it appears as if people trust them. If so then why are there no reviews for Zimagra? There can be several reasons for this; competition or the drug is just not as popular as other ED treatments. Culture may also prevent persons from openly reviewing erectile dysfunction drugs.

Zimagra gets a 3-star rating. Only because they have no reviews of their own. Its manufacturer though are well known and have an established presence. However, Zim needs to do more to bring awareness to the product o even encourage persons to review. The drug is really cheap. Imagine paying $0.05 for a drug that could cost you $1.55 per pill. A company that is approved by the WHO and ISO accredited should use the prestige to distribute their products to different market.

Please remember to consult your doctor before trying Zimagra. Afterall, it is a prescription-only drug.